Sunday, 5 April 2015

waking to small joys ....

Everyday I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am .... nothing brings me more joy than watching my two children grow together and show true love for each other! 
Motherhood definitely has its challenges .... but waking up to these small joys, makes it all worth while ....

watching my boy and girl hold hands

listening to my girl sing the only song she knows, and the only line she knows ..... let it go!
waking up to my boy in his sisters cot, playing with her till I wake up 
how her hair reflects her personality 

how he refers to her as 'missy or chicks'
listening to my boy tell his sister 'how beautiful' she is
how they look at each other 

how she copies everything he does
dancing around the house together
watching them investigate, explore and grow together

watching how fiercely strong she is becoming .... yet how gentle her spirit is 
watching how caring and sensitive he is .... yet how protective his is becoming 

As they say goodnight and give each other a kiss and hug .... I go to bed knowing that tomorrow I will wake with more small joys to be thankful for ....

1 comment:

  1. Adorable sibling love, you are blessed with those 2 Jayde :-) xx


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