Monday, 23 April 2012

like father, like son ....

As most young boys growing up in England, James played soccer .... something special he did with his dad. Now as a father, it's something he and Finlay can enjoy together ....

half time ..... a quick pic with mum ....

Friday, 20 April 2012

a thousand words ...

The old saying 'pictures can say a thousand words' for me is so true. I love taking photos, looking at photos and to be honest .... I love being in them (maybe not so much these days ..... plus I have a much cuter subject now).

A photo captures emotions ... travels ... milestones ... memories. It allows family, friends and even strangers, to come together and share that one special moment with you. A photo can bring on laughter, tears, joy and so much more, as a forgotten time is brought to life.

Through 'A Lanterns Light' I shared that I want to create memories for myself and my family. A large part for me, will be through photos. So ..... in a thought to share a bit more about who I am ... instead of writing 'a thousand words' to tell the tale, I thought I'd share this video with you. My beautiful friend (her blog Saffron Threads) made this video for me for my twenty-first birthday. She did an amazing job, and it is something that I'll always treasure.

Five Years have passed now .... I've got married .... finished uni .... got a job teaching .... bought a house ..... had my beautiful baby boy .... made new friends .... however, it's the moments before this I would like to share, my family ... friends ... adventures ... the people who have shaped me and continue to shape me into the person who I am today.

me ... 21 years

Note .... the boy in the video .... I married him :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

my moments ....

sweet whispers in the night ~ dad dad dad ..... little fingers wrapped around the corner wall, waiting patiently for a game of peek-a-boo ..... cheeky smiles accompanied by 'uh oh's' before items are dropped to the floor ..... one word said with such certainty about everything in sight ~ dog ..... fingers pointing to light switches to flick them on and off ..... laying down in the middle of the floor when tired ..... eyes peeking from behind the mirror ..... arms stretched upwards for cuddles ..... juice dripping from cheeks stuffed with grapes ..... special hugs for his toy dogs ..... ignoring everything except ~ bottle ..... opening, closing, pushing or pulling anything that he shouldn't ..... looking into big blue eyes ..... dancing silly to hear giggles ..... enjoying and learning new things everyday ..... laying in bed playing and chatting hours after going down ..... watching his face light up when daddy comes home ..... cuddles first thing in the morning and last at night ..... my moments with my boy .....

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

his new shoes ...

What an exciting journey it is being a mum ..... watching my baby turn into a little boy, brings so much joy to my heart. I'd always thought about having a girl ..... doing her hair, playing with dolls, SHOPPING ..... but not much of having a boy ..... what I was missing out on!! 

Those things might happen one day, but for now, I'm all about playing with trucks, kicking the ball, getting dirty ..... and I'm loving it!

His new shoes ..... my boy ..... love

Sunday, 1 April 2012

nine days ..... nine ways

Nine days is how long James has been away this week ..... I can't say that it has been easy (for either of us) as this has been the longest James has been away from his family. These times apart remind me however, of how incredibly lucky I am to have a husband who works hard and helps around the house and a father who helps with his son. It's not until you find yourself having to do all the jobs around the house, all the routines that come with having children, that you realise how much you miss, love and appreciate that special someone ..... and for me, that's James.

Though I'm not the only one in this house missing him, Finlay misses his daddy. Even though he is only fifteen months old, it's obvious that Finaly misses hid dad. Little routines, moments, looks and games that James does with Finlay, might seem insignificant, but has been so important in the bond between them, even at this young age. This has become obvious and true to me over the past week.  

Here are nine ways I see Finlay missing his dad .....

one ... picking up anything that resembles a phone, putting it to his ear yelling 'dad dad dad'
two ... every morning pointing to the light switch wanting to turn it on and off (an electricians son)
three ... random times during the day running to the door, calling 'dad'
four ... pointing to photos of James laughing
five ... wanting to kick the soccer ball all the time 
six ...waving at any utes or loud cars that go by, saying 'dad'
seven ... laying on the floor wanting to jump on me ..... James would say we are 'wrestling' 
eight ... getting up in the morning, one of the first two things he does is say ... 'dad' and 'dog'
nine ... going to bed I say 'mummy and daddy love you very much' ... his response is 'dad'

miss and love you James xx

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